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Hotsos Training Day

Tanel Põder has agreed to host the optional Training Day in 2014.


Tanel Põder is one of the leading Oracle Database performance specialists in the world, having helped solve complex problems for customers in 25 countries on five continents. He works for Enkitec as a consultant and technology evangelist, focusing on advanced Linux, Oracle and Hadoop performance topics, including optimization of Oracle's Big Data Appliance and Exadata systems. Tanel has received the "Oracle ACE Director" recognition for his community contribution, research and publications, he is also a co-author of the Expert Oracle Exadata book.

He shares his articles, scripts and tools in his blog at


Systematic Oracle Troubleshooting in Year 2014


Being systematic in troubleshooting means leaving little to chance and not depending on luck.

A systematic troubleshooter would first examine the high level symptoms of a performance problem and then drill deeper into it, one step at a time. This would be done until there's enough evidence and confidence that the root cause has been found. It is impossible to write a single all-encompassing tool which would reveal the root cause of every possible performance problem in just one step. There are way too many possible problem patterns out there. Sometimes, a problem gets acute enough to be noticed only after multiple underlying issues collide. Therefore, a successful systematic troubleshooter should be able to use a wide range of tools for measuring different system components and layers, but more importantly use a right approach to troubleshooting. The approach (or method) is largely about asking the right questions in the beginning of the troubleshooting path and then following the right the sequence of steps for drilling down closer to the root cause.

In this training day, Tanel will present you the latest approach and toolset he uses to troubleshoot and optimize Oracle performance. In fact, the troubleshooting and optimization of performance are really the same thing, the only difference is in whether someone is already complaining about it.

The planned agenda is following:

  • How I Troubleshoot Oracle Performance (in Year 2014)
    • The approach I (almost) always use for troubleshooting Oracle
    • The mistakes I sometimes do
    • The common basic drilldown scenarios using v$session and ASH
    • New and hot scripts and tools (since Tanel presented at his last Training Day in 2010)
  • Gathering and Interpreting Performance Metrics at Various Detail Levels
    • Drilling even deeper with the help of newest ASH columns (11.2+)
    • Flexible tracing and dumping with the Oracle 11g+ new diagnostics infrastructure
    • Using the Oracle Session Snapper v4 and the most useful V$SESSTAT metrics
  • Performance Optimization and Troubleshooting in Oracle Database 12c
    • Some internals, new views, tools and techniques available in Oracle 12c
    • New features in Oracle Real-Time SQL Monitoring infrastructure
    • How does the multi-threaded execution architecture affect low-level troubleshooting?
    • Does the PDB architecture affect troubleshooting?

Examples of Drilling down from high-level performance metrics all the way into the OS level.

As the title says, we'll go through examples and case studies throughout the day, starting from higher level tools and drilling down deep all the way into the OS.


Training Day will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 4:45 p.m.


  • $500 for onsite attendance
  • $400 for virtual attendance

Registration Cancellation Policy

  • 50% refund if cancelled between January 1, 2014 and February 11, 2014
  • Cancellations submitted after February 11, 2014 will not be refunded.