Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Ric Van Dyke

Ric Van Dyke is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Ric Van DykeMr. Van Dyke has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He worked as a developer and database administrator with Oracle starting with Version 6. Mr. Van Dyke worked for Oracle Corporation for 10 years primarily as a core database instructor where he taught and developed several courses. Ric also served in the Advanced Technologies Services consulting group as a technical manager where he worked with several clients doing RAC installs and performance engagements. His primary role at Hotsos is as a senior instructor, but he also does performance consulting engagements and frequently speaks at local user group meetings.

Presentation Title

Journey to the Center of the Database


When we run a SQL statement in Oracle, that statement will access some number of blocks in the database to do the work we want. Many of us know the value of reducing the number of blocks read so as to achieve fast scalable SQL statement. Just what does this block look like? How are the rows actually stored in the block? Does block size have any significant impact on performance? What about the setting of PCTFREE, PCTUSED, MIN and MAXTRANS? In this presentation, we will take a journey to the center of the database, the Oracle Block, and explore its interior to find answers to these questions.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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