Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Jared Still

Jared Still is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Jared StillJared Still has seen Oracle versions come and go, starting with Oracle 7.0. One thing remains constant — the need for knowledgeable people that understand performance. To that end Jared has presented performance topics at several conferences (Perl for Oracle DBA's . Hotsos Symposia, IOUG, Ohio Oracle Users Group, SW Washington/Oregon Oracle Users Group, RMOUG, and SW Washington/Oregon Oracle Users Group).

Presentation Title

Power Up Your Apps with Recursive Subquery


RSF, or as known in ANSI terms, RCTE (Recursive Common Table Expressions) will be a 5 year old Oracle feature in 2014. However, RSF does not seem to be widely used.

Many people have an uneasy relationship with CONNECT BY - how many of us get the CONNECT BY terms right on the first try? Or even the second try? Over the years, Oracle has added many features to CONNECT BY syntax - connect_by_root, connect_by_isleaf, sys_connect_by_path, etc., and the purpose of this presentation is to show how all available features from CONNECT BY can be duplicated with RSF.

What this opens up, is the possibility to include logic in RSF queries that may have been quite difficult to do with a CONNECT BY query. With the addition of RSF, it seems likely that further enhancements made to RSF may not be included in CONNECT BY (there do not seem to be any new features in 12c in this regard). In addition, there are performance benefits that cannot be easily exploited with CONNECT BY. As RTCE is the ANSI standard for recursive SQL queries, it is good idea to know how to use this feature.

Bonus: As an ANSI standard (1992), RCTE is used by other databases as well, most notably SQL Server. Jared has used this same syntax to write queries in an Oracle database, and give them to a SQL Server developer where they worked as is. It is a nice transfer of knowledge to other database technologies.

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