Hotsos Symposium Speaker – John Hurley

John Hurley is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


John HurleyJohn Hurley is a long-time database geek who has specialized in Oracle for the last 17 years. He serves as the President of North East Ohio Oracle Group ( with frequent presentations in DBA and developer topics (statistics gathering, performance analysis, monitoring, etc.).

John is a former instructor in the Oracle Certified Professional curriculum for Cuyahoga Community College. He has presented at Hotsos Symposium 2013, Oaktable World 2012, Oracle OpenWorld 2011, and lots of ther presentations at Ohio events.

Presentation Title

Three Approaches to Shared Pool Monitoring for Oracle Database Systems


The shared pool area in Oracle has become a huge memory area over the last ten years, and there is much more than SQL and execution plans held in the shared pool. This presentation will cover three approaches to gaining increased visibility into the contents of the shared pool: 1) using standard oracle views and diagnostics, 2) implementing an in-depth custom monitoring procedure, and 3) shared pool application SQL monitoring.

The approaches here were learned from the school of hard knocks and should be illuminating to many Developers and many DBAs. This presentation will include 12c relevant content.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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