Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Julian Dontcheff

Julian Dontcheff is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Julian DontcheffJulian Dontcheff has more than 20 years of database experience. He is the first Oracle Certified Master in Europe (back in 2002) and he is also an Oracle ACE Director.

For the past two decades, Julian has been working and lecturing around the world on theoretical computer science and databases. Julian is a certified professional in both Oracle database administration and software development. Julian was featured in Oracle Magazine in 2011 and was nominated for Database Administrator of the year in 2012 and Data Warehouse Leader of the year in 2013.

Julian Dontcheff is a regular speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and runs a database blog at At OOW 2013, Julian will give the following4 presentations: DBA Best Practices for Performance Tuning in a Pluggable World, The Least-Known Features of Oracle Database, Part 2, The Important Things DBAs Should Do Before and After an Oracle Database Upgrade, Managing Oracle Engineered Systems. Julian has experience and knowledge in the retail, banking, telecom and high-tech sector. He holds a global position at Accenture as Head of Database Management. Julian is also Accenture's Exadata Lead for EALA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America).

Presentation Title

DBA Best Practices for Performance Tuning in a Pluggable World


An Oracle CDB has the ability to have up to 252 PDBs. Performance tuning a CDB is not much different that in a classical database, but there are several things a DBA should take into consideration from performance point of view. The presentation covers the best practices for DBAs including tuning and configuration tips.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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