Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Jim Czuprynski

Jim Czuprynski is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Jim CzuprynskiJim Czuprynski is an Oracle DBA, Oracle University instructor, and Oracle consultant. Jim has presented topics on the performance and tuning features of Oracle Database 11g (Database Replay) and 12c (Automatic Plan Evolution, Adaptive Execution Plans, Automatic Re-Optimization, and SQL Plan Directives) at IOUG COLLABORATE (2011, 2013), Oracle OpenWorld (2008, 2013) and OUG Norway (2013). Jim regularly presents topics at several virtual seminars and webinars for IOUG.s 12c Database SIG and Exadata SIG, and has written nearly 100 articles for IOUG SELECT Journal and

Presentation Title

How Hot Is My Data? Leveraging Automatic Database Optimization (ADO) Features in Oracle 12c Database For Dramatic Performance Improvements


Join Jim Czuprynski as he demonstrates how to leverage Oracle Database 12cR1's new Automatic Database Optimization (ADO) features to: automatically gather your database's hottest, lukewarm, and ice-cold data into appropriate storage structures for most and least frequently accessed data using Oracle 12c's Heat Maps, automatically migrate your data to more appropriate storage structures when its access patterns change over time, improve query and DML performance against heavily-updated segments versus read-mostly segments, and monitor access patterns of "hot" versus "cold" data to ensure that the appropriate ADO policies have been deployed.

Jim will illustrate these features by demonstrating them against a live Oracle 12cR1 database instance and appropriate storage. Jim will also provide Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control screen shots and SQL*Plus scripts so that you can implement these features as desired within your 12cR1 database environment.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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