Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Gregg Christman

Gregg Christman is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Gregg ChristmanGregg Christman is a Senior Product Manager at Oracle responsible for Advanced Compression and Hybrid Columnar Compression. Gregg has been with Oracle for 8 years, having previously held the position of Director of Competitive Intelligence for Database and Data Warehousing. Before Oracle, Gregg was a Senior Product Manager for Database Servers at Informix Software.

Presentation Title

Compression and Performance in Oracle Database 12c


The ongoing explosion in data volume introduces significant challenges: IT must efficiently manage existing storage infrastructure to control costs, yet continue to deliver acceptable application performance. Oracle Database provides a robust set of compression capabilities that enable IT to succeed in this complex environment.

In this session, Oracle experts will help you learn how table compression — both Advanced Row Compression and Hybrid Columnar Compression — saves storage space AND improves performance, and how you can reduce your overall database storage footprint by enabling compression for unstructured data, backups, indexes, SQL*Net traffic, and Data Guard network traffic.

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