Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Karl Arao

Karl Arao is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Karl AraoKarl Arao is an OCP-DBA, RHCE, Oracle ACE, and a proud member of the OakTable Network. He works for Enkitec as a Senior Technical Consultant where he currently spends most of his time exploring on Exadata capacity planning and performance. Prior to that, Karl went to work for SQL*Wizard as a Solutions Architect and an R&D guy where he had his five years of solid DBA experience.

He shares his experiences, adventures, and discoveries in his blog (, he tweets at @karlarao, and owns a Wiki site ( where he shares his quick guides and documentations on technologies. He presents at local Oracle Events and DBA round tables, and has also presented at Oracle Open World Unconference, Oracle Closed World, OakTable World, Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo, Virtathon, RMOUG, IOUG Collaborate, and Hotsos. In his spare time, he loves to mine the ASH and AWR and do adventure sports like underwater hockey, mountaineering, and mountain biking.

Presentation Titles

Session 1: Where Did My CPU Go?


Session 2: Ultimate Exadata IO Monitoring with OEM12c Metric Extensions and BI Publisher Integration


Session 1: Where Did My CPU Go?: This session will focus on CPU monitoring and capacity planning. We will highlight scenarios that are typically encountered on a massively consolidated environment, where let's say you have 30+ databases, and you want to know how much CPU cores they are using at a particular time interval. Before touching on the cool tricks, a deep dive into important CPU metrics is a MUST. In Oracle world, the CPU is not just the "Green Thing" in the Enterprise Manager. It's actually much more than that. We will discuss the usual CPU monitoring tools in OEM, visualization enhancements that can be made by AWR analytics, and how these can be applied to critical capacity planning scenarios.

  • Identify the consolidated CPU load of a cluster environment
  • Take quantitative information and making it visual so both the technical and non-technical can "see" what's going on leading to solid solutions.

Session 2: Ultimate Exadata IO monitoring with OEM12c Metric Extensions and BI Publisher integration: This session will show you how you can utilize the OEM12c Metric Extensions and BI Publisher integration to boost the IO capacity monitoring of a large scale Exadata environment. The session will start with a use case highlighting an issue on a very write intensive OLTP Exadata environment and will discuss the different ways to monitor IO capacity from the database and storage cell layer perspective. Then move on to the details of creating and deploying metric extensions and consuming the metrics data for reporting and visualization using BI Publisher integration and ultimately scaling it to a bunch of Exadata environments.

  • Apply the methodology on measuring the IO capacity of an Exadata environment
  • Apply the overall metric extension lifecycle (develop, test, deploy) and scale it to a bunch of targets
  • Learn how to validate metrics data visualization and finalize with BI Publisher.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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