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Hotsos Symposium Speakers and Topics 2014

Symposium 2013 Speaker: Abel MaciasHotsos thanks each of you who submitted abstracts for consideration as speakers for Symposium 2014. The abstracts were outstanding again this year, and we are very grateful to the abstract committee for their help in making the final decisions.


Topics for this year will again range from deeply technical to motivational, in subjects including application and business instrumentation, Oracle database internals, SQL optimization, capacity planning, the arts of technical communication, application and system architecture design, and much more.

We are pleased to announce that the list of speakers for Symposium 2014 is as follows:

Speaker Name Topic
Luca Canali
Amit Poddar Evolution of Histograms in Oracle
Paul Matuszyk
Baron Schwartz
Bryn Llewellyn
Carlos Sierra
Carlos Sierra
Craig Martin SQL Tuning: A Look Behind the Curtain
Erwin "Rusty" Schmidt Analyzing Oracle Workflow Data for Increased System Performance
Frits Hoogland Profiling the Logwriter and Database Writer
Gary Propeck SPM Examined
George Djerdj Srdanov Extreme Performance without Extreme Hardware
Gregg Christman
Jared Still
Jim Czuprynski
John Hurley
Julian Dontcheff DBA Best Practices for Performance Tuning in a Pluggable World
Alex Fatkulin
Karl Arao Where Did My CPU Go?
Karl Arao
Kellyn Pot'Vin
Kellyn Pot'Vin
Kerry Osborne SQL Gone Bad — But Plan not Changed?
Kerry Osborne Creative Problem Solving
Maria Colgan
Maria Colgan
Ric Van Dyke Journey to the Center of the Database
Riyaj Shamsudeen RAC 12c Optimization
Stephan Haisley
Tanel Põder
Tim Gorman Real-Time SQL Statement Monitoring
Tim Gorman Three Types of Table Compression
Tom Kyte Five Things You Might not Have Known about the Optimizer
Tom Kyte Optimizer Ying and Yang

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The speaker schedule is as follows: