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Hotsos Symposium 2014

Symposium 2012 Attendees

Join the world's top Oracle performance analysts such as Tom Kyte, Tanel Põder, Maria Colgan, and Kerry Osborne at the twelfth annual Hotsos Symposium, which is the conference dedicated to issues of Oracle system performance. The Symposium will be held March 2 — 6, 2014 at the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Irving, TX.

Some comments from prior attendees about Hotsos Symposia:

"I think the Hotsos Symposium is consistently the best conference I attend. The way I describe the Hotsos Symposium to my friends in academia is that it is very practical, but based on good theory and to my friends in industry is that it is strongly theoretical, but based on good practice. Unfortunately, most conferences I attend either lean overwhelmingly to either academia or industry, but the Hotsos Symposium is a great balance. Without the appropriate balance we often end up in ivory towers with little practical benefit or with a checklist of best practices without understanding why." - Kevin Williams

"Really enjoyed it. The focus on quality over quantity is what makes this event great. This is my first time but I'll be back!"

"This is my first year attending this event. It was great. Met lot of smart people. Planning to attend next year. Wish I had the opportunity to attend more sessions since some were overlapping. Keep up with the excellent work."

"My second Hotsos conference! Last year, I was in awe most of the time. This year, I'm taking practical tools back to work! DBA or Developer, or for people who live in the middle, the Hotsos Symposium is the place to come to deepen your skillset."

"Thanks to all the presenters who brought all the new things to my cognition. They were very accurate and had done their research well. Tom Kyte corrected any mistakes left in the presentation by mistake, and that too he did really nicely. Overall, this was a very informative and fun-filled three and half days that I have ever spent. Thanks."

Why Is the Hotsos Symposium Different?

Hotsos Symposium is the best conference in the Americas devoted to Oracle system performance. The combination of topic focus, small audience size, and large speaker list make the Hotsos Symposium an unsurpassed networking opportunity.

Hotsos Symposium reaches for a new technical high with presentations focused on techniques, experimental results, and field-tested scripts that attendees can take home and apply to real-world tasks. The speakers routinely offer an excellent balance between database principles and problem-solving techniques. The speakers also show you how to determine the difference between reliable information and bad advice around Oracle performance optimization.

Like what you read, but want a little taste of Symposium? Watch this video to see what you missed in a prior year.

Symposium Speaker Sessions

Start working on your presentation idea. Call for papers will open soon! What do you get for presenting? The question should really be "what do you get OUT of presenting?" Not only do you get free registration for Symposium AND Training Day, you also get the respect and admiration of your peers. Give it some thought. Give it a try.


The keynote speaker will be Maria Colgan! Her topic will be announced soon.

Optional Training Day

The optional training day speaker will be Tanel Põder. Please visit our Training Day page for more information.

Registration and Pricing

Registration for Hotsos Symposium 2014 is open! Visit our registration page to sign up.

We will be offering virtual attendance options as well. See our page on virtual attendance for more information.

The price for Symposium is as follows:

  • Register by September 30, 2013:
    Training Day$500$400
    Symposium + Training Day$1,595$1,195
    Symposium + 3 Nights of Hotel$1,648
    Symposium and Training Day + 4 Nights of Hotel$2,332
  • Register by December 31, 2013:
    Training Day$500$400
    Symposium + Training Day$1,695$1,295
    Symposium + 3 Nights of Hotel$1,748
    Symposium and Training Day + 4 Nights of Hotel$2,432
  • Register by February 7, 2014:
    Training Day$500$400
    Symposium + Training Day$1,850$1,450
    Symposium + 3 Nights of Hotel$1,903
    Symposium and Training Day + 4 Nights of Hotel$2,587
  • Register by March 2, 2014:
    Training Day$500$400
    Symposium + Training Day$1,995$1,595
    Symposium + 3 Nights of Hotel$2,048
    Symposium and Training Day + 4 Nights of Hotel$2,732

***You can register a companion (i.e., spouse, domestic partner, or significan other) for an additional $400, which allows your companion to join you for breakfast/lunch and the party. You may also purchase guest passes to the party for $100 each.

Presentation Materials - Going Green again in 2014!

In an effort to create a more environmentally friendly event, all speaker presentations and handouts will be available online for download only. Printed material will not be provided. Thank you for your support in helping us be more conscious of our impact on the environment.

More Information

For more information about Hotsos Symposium 2014 and the Optional Training Day, we will have some links available for you soon. In the meantime, please send your questions to or call +1.817.488.6200 x520.


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