Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Andrew Zitelli

Andrew Zitelli is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Andrew ZitelliAndrew Zitelli has over thirty years of experience as a software developer, data architect and performance analyst. He has spent most of his career working on large engineering projects in the aerospace and semiconductor industries. Andy has worked with a wide range of relational database products, including 20 years working with Oracle.

Andy has previously presented at Hotsos Symposia from 2007 to 2012, as well as other recent conferences in California, Texas and Michigan. Andy is a member of the OakTable Network.

Presentation Title

Performance Nightmares: A Symptom of Database Ignorance


One source of performance problems in large software systems is ignorance among system developers, regarding database architectures and capabilities. Database considerations can be among the most important topics during early software design, yet they are often overlooked. The ensuing mistakes often go undiscovered until they become too costly to repair. Some of these mistakes can live on for years, incurring high performance penalties and increasing operational costs.

This presentation will focus on reducing database resource contention, one frequent source of performance problems. It will discuss why seemingly innocuous changes can dramatically affect system performance by changing where queuing and contention take place. Additional topics include deadlocks and their avoidance, use of Oracle ROWIDs and considerations for frameworks which always update every column in a table. The presentation is addressed to both developers and DBAs, to help them build better systems by avoiding some common performance pitfalls.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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