Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Noelle Stimely

Noelle Stimely is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Noelle StimelyNoelle Stimely is presently a Senior Performance Test Engineer at the University of California San Francisco. Noelle has been an Oracle Database Administor, holds certifications in Oracle 8/8i/9i/10g and HP LoadRunner. She has held various positions including Lead Database Administrator, Senior Database Administrator and Oracle Instructor during her fifteen year career.

Noelle has presented at Oracle OpenWorld 2012, Independent Oracle User Group Collaborate 2012, and NoCOUG 2012.

Presentation Title

Is Your Database Stressed? Load Testing for Peak Performance


Have you ever experienced an unexpected rush of users on a production system which nearly ground it to a halt? Have you ever had to approach management with a request for more resources due to poor performance during a period of budgetary constraints within the organization? This presentation will discuss how to potentially avoid these situations in advance through load testing.

A load test can be run to gauge end user experience or stress the database to the point of breakage to determine where the limit lies. This presentation will discuss the purpose of load testing; how, when and why to test using both freeware and commercially available tools.

It will also describe how a properly designed load test stresses the system and how to utilize the results for tuning purposes. Noelle will also compare actual load testing versus Oracle's Real Application Testing tool. Finally, she will examine the reports produced and how to best use those results to determine current or future resource needs.

Presentation Materials

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