Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Kerry Osborne

Kerry Osborne is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Kerry OsborneKerry Osborne began working with the first public release of Oracle (version 2) in 1982. For the past several years, he has been focused on understanding Oracle internals and solving performance problems. He is an Oracle Ace Director and is a proud member of the OakTable network. He has also co-authored two books (Pro Oracle SQL and the recently released Expert Oracle Exadata).

Mr. Osborne is also a co-founder of Enkitec, an Oracle-focused consulting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Keep up with Kerry at his blog,

Presentation Titles

Adaptive Optimization


One of the most interesting new features of the Oracle Database Optimizer is the ability to recognize its own mistakes and use execution statistics to automatically improve execution plans. The first foray into this approach showed up in 11g with adaptive cursor sharing and cardinality feedback. Both of these features suffered from a couple of drawbacks though. A statement had to run badly at least once before the automatic fix could be applied, and the fix was not persisted. Meaning that a statement would have to run badly before the optimizer would notice its mistake and fix it. And if a statement was flushed from the cache, it would have to run badly again before being fixed yet again. The optimizer has extended these techniques and it attempts to eliminate the drawbacks. Statistical fixes can be persisted for example and in some cases, the bad execution plans can be eliminated altogether by changing the plan on the fly, during the first execution. Oracle has given this set of features the collective name "Adaptive Optimization". It's a pretty good name for it actually. This talk will focus on how Adaptive Optimization works.

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