Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Cary Millsap

Cary Millsap is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Cary MillsapCary Millsap is an entrepreneur, software technology advisor, software developer, and Oracle software performance specialist. His technical papers are quoted in many Oracle books, in Wikipedia, in blogs all over the world, and in dozens of conference presentations each month. His blog is read by thousands of people each month. He has presented at hundreds of public and private events around the world.

He wrote the book "Optimizing Oracle Performance" (O'Reilly 2003), for which he and co-author Jeff Holt were named Oracle Magazine's 2004 Authors of the Year.

Cary is the founder and president of Method R Corporation (, a company that creates frustration-free software that shows performance the way you've always wanted to see it.

Cary is an Oracle Ace Director.

Presentation Title

Performance is a Feature: Here Is the Specification


To many software developers, designers, and architects "performance" is a side-effect, afterthought of designing and building proper features like "book an order" or "look up a book by author." But great performance at scale doesn't happen by accident. The first step is to know what performance *is*: it is the answer to the question, "What have people been *experiencing*?" Knowing what people experience when they use your software is possible only if you treat performance as a proper feature, a feature you analyze, design, build, test, and maintain. This session explains the steps that will get you started.

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