Hotsos Symposium Speaker – John Hurley

John Hurley is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


John HurleyJohn Hurley is a long-time database geek who has specialized in Oracle for the last fifteen years. He serves as the President of North East Ohio Oracle Group ( with frequent presentations in DBA and developer topics (statistics gathering, performance analysis, monitoring, etc.).

John is a former instructor in the Oracle Certified Professional curriculum for Cuyahoga Community College. He has presented at Oracle OpenWorld in 2011 with the topic "Three Approaches to Shared Pool Monitoring". He also presented at this year's OakTable World during Oracle OpenWorld 2012 with a reduced subset of this topic.

Presentation Title

OS Truth, Little White Lies, and the Oracle Wait Interface


At times, the Oracle Wait Interface can be a DBA's and developer's best friend, but it can also be misleading and just plain wrong. Uninstrumented code areas as well as bugs in the Oracle code can lead one down the wrong path. Operating system utilities and diagnostics must supplement or be used to show where the wait interface is incomplete (or wrong) in order to lead to a correct diagnosis. This presentation gives a complete coverage of a real world failure in the wait interface along with examples of how to use OS Truth (and specificially pstack) to debug.

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