Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Kyle Hailey

Kyle Hailey is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Kyle HaileyKyle Hailey is the designer of Embarcadero Technology's DB Optimizer and a principal designer for the Oracle Enterprise performance pages. He is a member of the Oracle Oak Table, the co-author of Oracle Insights: Tales of the Oak Table, and was a technical editor of Oracle Wait Interface. He holds a patent in the area of database performance diagnosis, and has been a speaker at Hotsos, NOCOUG, RMOUG, NYCOUG, Oracle OpenWorld and DB Forum. Kyle also teaches classes around the world on Oracle performance tuning.

Kyle is an Oracle ACE .

Presentation Title

Database Virtualization Comes of Age


Database virtualization has come of age with the introduction of CloneDB in Oracle 11 and full-fledged database virtualization in Oracle 12c. What is database virtualization? Database virtualization is to the data tier what VMware is the the computer tier. On the computer tier, VMware allows the same hardware to be shared by multiple machines. On the data tier, virtualization allows the same datafiles to be shared by multiple clones allowing almost instantaneous creation of new copies of databases with almost no disk footprint.

This presentation will compare and contrast different types of database virtualization from Oracle 11 CloneDB, Oracle 12c database virtualization, Oracle ZFS Appliance, Delphix Appliance, VMware Data Director, NetApp Snap Manager for Oracle and EMC. How does database virtualization work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches? These are the topics that will be discussed.

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