Hotsos Symposium Feedback from Past Attendees

Attendees from previous year's Symposium have had the following to say about their experiences:

  • Really enjoyed it. The focus on quality over quantity is what makes this event great. This is my first time but I'll be back!

  • Tanel Põder and Maria Colgan made it worth the price of admissions alone!

  • First seminar of Hotsos that I have attended, and I will be back next year. Very well done organization-wise. Please keep book handouts in the same format of two sessions per page description.

  • It was a good day. I always impressed at the talent that comes to Symposium and presents.

  • Excellent conference, as it has been in past years as well. I am looking forward to returning next year. Only negative was that the number of "performance war stories" presentations seemed a bit higher.

  • More topics and an extra day would be great.

  • Really good Symposium. Most of the sessions were excellent. Would like to see more on RAC & Exadata. Did not enjoy food at Stomp. Not a seafood eater & not much chicken or sausage in the jambalaya. Would have liked to have some other protein. Otherwise food was great every other lunch/breakfast. Missed Sunday night, but the 80's night was great & the food there was fantastic! But it's not really about the food..again this is simply the best conference there is. Truly technical where you get real applicable information.

  • The Speakers were great. ... I plan on attending again assuming we still have the budget.

  • Great content, great presenters!

  • Thought provoking.

  • See you next year.

James and Patty