Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Gwen Shapira

Gwen Shapira is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Gwen ShapiraGwen Shapira is a Senior Oracle DBA at Pythian, and the company's newest Oracle ACE. Gwen Shapira studied computer science, statistics, and operations research at the University of Tel Aviv, and then went on to spend the next ten years in different technical positions in the IT industry.

Gwen is an OakTable member, Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Professional. She specializes in scalability and high-availability solutions such as RAC and Streams, and has presented at various conferences including Hotsos Symposium 2009 and RMOUG 2010. Gwen Shapira also maintains a popular Oracle related blog:

Presentation Title

Queues, Pools, and Caches: the Right Way to Scale OLTP


Transaction processing systems are generally considered easier to scale than data warehouses. Relational databases were designed for this type of workload, and there are no esoteric hardware requirements. Mostly, it is just matter of normalizing to the right degree and getting the indexes right. The major challenge in these systems is their extreme concurrency, which means that small temporary slowdowns can escalate to major issues very quickly.

In this presentation, Gwen Shapira will explain how application developers and DBAs can work together to built a scalable and stable OLTP system - using application queues, connection pools and strategic use of caches in different layers of the system.

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