Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Paul Matuszyk

Paul Matuszyk is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Paul MatuszykPaul Matuszyk was born in Lublin, Poland. He possesses two MSc degrees in Computer Science and Banking and Finance. For last 12 years, he's been using Oracle with off-the-shelf products and custom applications for many blue-chip companies like Vodafone Japan, JP Morgan Chase, ING Barings, Citicorp, and Schlumberger. Currently he works as an independent consultant for JP Morgan Chase implementing multi-asset derivatives clearing platform for London Metal Exchange.

He is the author of two books, though their subject is far away from database administration.

Speaking experience on Oracle topics includes: Polish Oracle Users Group 2010 on "Data Compression - How and Why to Do It?", Polish Oracle Users Group 2011 on "Let's Talk about Security", and multiple Oracle trainings for ING Bank on "Oracle 11g New Features" and "Oracle Security".

Presentation Title

Oracle 11g Extended Statistics


Many organizations plan, migrate or already have finished the migration from older versions to the current, shiny Oracle 11g. Only a few of them use the latest features for two reasons: administrators are not aware of them or the companies migrate their stock to a newer version without changing the current configuration ('don't change' policy). In spite of this, many administrators are eager to put new features into their environments, but it is hard to convince people who are in charge of the migration. The reason is very basic: they don't want to burn their fingers as sometimes the new features have non-advertised side effects.

This presentation is intended to shed some light on Oracle 11g Extended Statistics. Paul will show Oracle's interface for extended stats, dictionary views, along with pros and cons of using them (response time improvement vs. cost of collecting them) as well as real-life performance numbers.

As a result of the presentation, Mr Matuszyk will give the audience more confidence that this is the feature which should be more widely used.

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