Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Eric Jenkinson

Eric Jenkinson is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Eric JenkinsonEric entered the IT field 15 years ago with a background in robotics and evolutionary systems along with a penchant for learning how things work and sharing the discoveries. When he was not optimizing C/C++ code, he could be found teaching coworkers and students ways to better optimize their code. Since leaving full-time development, Eric has been an Oracle Database Administrator specializing in building highly available Oracle systems. Over his career, Eric has had the opportunity to work with up and coming IT trends and his current position is no exception as he works in a 100% virtualized environment. Eric participates in the OTN forums and actively blogs at Eric presented at the 2007 Hotsos Symposium.

Presentation Title

Database Performance in a Virtualized World


More and more companies are utilizing virtualization in their environments to lower costs and effectively utilize resources. Placing Oracle databases in virtualized environments is not just for development and testing anymore. The rise of virtualization is introducing new performance challenges to the Oracle DBA that are not well documented at this time and these issues are further complicated by the lack of knowledge of the virtualized configuration by the Oracle DBA. This presentation will bring the Oracle DBA up to speed on the virtualized configuration options in both VMWare and Oracle VM that impact Oracle Database performance. The presentation will also show new tools and procedures for the Oracle DBA to add to their toolbox to help them better address performance issues in a virtualized environment. It is not the intent of this presentation to make the case for virtualization, its intent is to help the Oracle DBA identify and troubleshoot performance problems in a virtualized environment.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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