Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Tim Gorman

Tim Gorman is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Tim GormanTim Gorman began his IT career in 1984 as a "C" programmer on UNIX and VMS systems, and now focuses on performance tuning applications, databases, and systems, as well as data warehouse design and implementation, database backup and recovery, architecture and infrastructure, and database administration.

Mr. Gorman co-founded Evergreen Database Technologies, Inc. and is widely recognized as an expert in tuning and trouble-shooting advanced technology, large-scale, highly-complex, secured systems. Tim co-authored Expert Oracle Practices — Database Administration from the OakTable (Dec 2009, published by Apress) and Oracle Insights — Tales of the OakTable (July 2004, published by Apress).

Tim is an Oracle Ace.

Presentation Title

Making Star Transformations Sing


Dimensional data models (a.k.a. star schemas) are a crucial component of the presentation layer of data warehouses and data marts, because that is the format in which business-intelligence analysts expect to find their data. Yet, so many decision-support environments based on Oracle, attempt to live with star schemas without using star transformations. The reasons vary from lack of understanding to practical impediments related to ETL processing. This presentation will explain the justification for the "star transformation" mechanism, including comparisons to other execution plans, how to implement, how to optimize, and how to troubleshoot.

Presentation Materials

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