Hotsos Symposium Speakers and Topics 2012

Symposium 2011 Speaker: Gwen ShapiraHotsos thanks those who submitted abstracts for consideration as speakers for Symposium 2012. We received the most abstracts this year of any year thus far. They were all outstanding, and many thanks to Cary Millsap for helping us with the final selections.


Topics for this year will again range from deeply technical to motivational, in subjects including application and business instrumentation, Oracle database internals, SQL optimization, capacity planning, the arts of technical communication, application and system architecture design, and much more.

We are pleased to announce that the list of speakers for Symposium 2012 is as follows:

Speaker Name Topic
Alex Gorbachev Benchmarking Oracle I/O Performance with ORION
Andrey Nikolaev Mutex Internals
Andy Zitelli Is Oracle's 10046 Tracing Still Relevant?
Baron Schwartz
Carlos Sierra
Cary Millsap Instrumentation: Why You Should Bother
Christian Antognini Shareable Cursors
Doug Burns Statistics on Partitioned Objects 2012
Doug Burns
Doug Gault
Eric Jenkinson Database Performance in a Virtualized World
Gary Propeck
Gwen Shapira
Iordan Iotzov
Jonathan Lewis The Beginner's Guide to Becoming an Expert
Jonathan Lewis Creating Tests
Karen Morton Fat to Fit: SQL Development Fitness
Karen Morton
Kerry Osborne Exadata Optimization – Case Studies
Kerry Osborne
Kyle Towle Scaling VLDBs with 11gR2
Marc Fielding Consolidation & Resource Management with Exadata
Maria Colgan Inside the 11g Optimizer: Removing the Mystery
Maria Colgan Tips to Prevent Suboptimal Execution Plans
Mark Farnham Managing Transactions with Disappearing Indexes
Mark Rittman
Neil Gunther
Paul Matuszyk Oracle 11g Extended Statistics
Riyaj Shamsudeen Truss, pstack, pmap, and more
Tanel Põder Exadata Peformance Method
Tanel Põder More Complex Performance Issues I've Seen
Tim Gorman Making Star Transformations Sing
Tom Kyte Five Things You Probably Didn't Know about SQL
Tom Kyte Five Things You Probably Didn't Know about PL/SQL
Wolfgang Breitling

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The speaker schedule is as follows: