Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Mahesh Vallampati

Mahesh Vallampati is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Mahesh VallampatiMahesh Vallampati is the Director of Oracle Applications and Technologies at Coach America. Prior to this, he was a Senior Practice Manager at DCC Services, a Sales Consulting Manager at Hotsos and Director of Database services at EGL. Prior to that, he worked at Oracle for nine years in Sales, Consulting and Sales Consulting.

He holds a Master's degree in EE from Texas A&M University. He has presented several papers on Oracle performance at Collaborate and other topics at Oracle OpenWorld as well as five webinars at Hotsos on Oracle Performance topics.

Presentation Title

Enough Blame to Go Around...


All performance issues tend to be talked about in technology terms and solutions. Mahesh will take a unique perspective and discuss the nature of ownership that created the problem in the first place. He will examine an unreasonable business requirement, a functional setup that used a sub-optimal approach, a developer who made a small mistake, and a DBA who overlooked a fairly obvious step that bought a business to its knees. Mr. Vallampati will examine the dynamics of these situations and see how these were resolved with simple approaches in fairly short order.

Presentation Materials

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