Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Kerry Osborne

Kerry Osborne is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Kerry OsborneKerry Osborne began working with Oracle (version 2) in 1982. He has worked as both a developer and a DBA. For the past several years, he has been focused on understanding Oracle internals and solving performance problems. He is an OakTable member and is the author of an upcoming Apress book on Exadata.

Mr. Osborne is also a co-founder of Enkitec, an Oracle-focused consulting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Keep up with Kerry at his blog,

Presentation Title

Tuning Exadata


Disco KerryExadata has had a significant impact on how we think about performance issues for Oracle databases. While many of the techniques we have used in the past remain valid, there are a few features of Exadata that force us to reconsider some of our core approaches. This presentation will briefly discuss these issues and then focus on the internals of Exadata. Topics will include the Exadata specific wait events and the operations that motivate them, monitoring offload efficiency, monitoring storage index usage and differences between costing of execution plans on Exadata and non-Exadata platforms. Techniques for getting the most out of the platform (tuning) will also be discussed. An online demo will be a significant portion of the presentation.

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