Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Margaret Norman

Margaret Norman is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Margaret NormanMargaret Norman is the Lead Database Administrator at Duke Energy and a frequent presenter at regional conferences. Since 1996, Margaret has used Oracle to develop implement and maintain transactional processing systems for large numbers of concurrent users, operational data stores, data warehouses and mixed use databases. Recent focus areas include database and application performance tuning, scalability, and securing credit card and personal identifiable information to meet PCI and SOX audit requirements.

Presentation Titles

Session 1: Moving to 11g Statistics

Session 2: How to Set Up Stable Parallel Execution


Session 1: Moving to 11g Statistics — With the introduction of table level preferences, database defaults, global incremental statistics, and resources control in 11g, a truly "generic" statistics gathering strategy can be coded and deployed across the enterprise. The Oracle-supplied job can be used to gather statistics on small and medium sized databases while some scripting is still required for larger operational data stores and data warehouses. This presentation will include information on all the new functionality introduced in 11g, strategies for managing statistics in various database environments, and demonstration of scripts used to run parallel execution gathering in multiple threads (developed to reduce elapsed runtime for ODS and DW environments).

Session 2: How to Set Up Stable Parallel Execution — Parallel execution can dramatically reduce execution times — at least until the server runs out of resources. This "how to" presentation focuses on implementing parallel execution to provide stable execution times and obtain the maximum performance the available hardware can deliver while avoiding server saturation. A testing methodology to determine DOP and server saturation will be showcased in detail. Using the server saturation point, a strategy for allocating those resources among database users and details for monitoring the production implementation will be presented.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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