Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Shan Nawaz

Shan Nawaz is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Shan NawazShan Nawaz is an accomplished DBA with 12+ plus years of experience in managing various OLTP and Data warehouse databases including Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server with companies like VeriSign, Bank One/JP Morgan Chase, Fanniemae, and Crompton Corp/Uniroyal Tires.

Shan has presented papers for Oracle Open World, VeriSign Technical Symposium, and other user forums and also taught Oracle DBA classes to both corporations and individuals.

Shan is currently working as performance and scalability DBA with VeriSign and is certified OCP in Oracle 7.3/8/9i/10g/11g. Shan is also certified DB2 user specialist and MCP (Microsoft).

Presentation Title

Oracle's Forgotten Children: 10 Forgotten Techniques to Improve Your Performance; with Proof


While DBA's are busy researching new features to solve existing performance issues, they tend to forget to use existing features to improve performance or modify existing features to improve performance.

At Verisign, Shan has millisecond SLA's squeezing every millisecond out of our database. In this presentation, Shan will discuss ten forgotten simple and advanced performance improving features both out-of-the-box and modified.

The presentation will be very useful for DBA's as it talks about how to modify out-of-the-box solutions to get the desired performance.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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