Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Dan Fink

Dan Fink is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Dan FinkDaniel Fink is a Senior Consultant/DBA with Arisant. He started as a DBA on Oracle 7.0.16 running Parallel Server on OpenVMS and has experience on major Unix platforms and releases up to 11G. He is a member of the OakTable network, BAAG, and BAARF. He has presented on a wide variety of Oracle performance and diagnosis topics, including Developing A Disciplined Approach to Diagnosis, Oracle Performance for Developers, and Tracing Logical I/O.

Presentation Title

Variance Analysis, Profiling and Trending Using ASH and AWR Data


Active Session History (ASH) and Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) are two powerful tools to help an organization diagnose performance issues. Though each tool comes with custom reports, they provide a limited view and only show single points in time. Using the data automatically gathered, you can write custom reports to examine trending, create alerts for known issues, and track changes to your systems. Dan reviews the ASH and AWR data structures and some of the nuances for reporting before moving into generating reports for activity and event trending, creating custom alerts for unusual activity, and comparing performance in light of system changes.

Presentation Materials

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