Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Wolfgang Breitling

Wolfgang Breitling is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Wolfgang BreitlingWolfgang Breitling is an independent consultant specializing in administering and tuning Peoplesoft on Oracle. The particular challenges in tuning Peoplesoft, with often no access to the SQL, motivated him to explore Oracle's cost-based optimizer in an effort to better understand how it works and to use that knowledge in tuning. He has shared the findings from this research in papers and presentations at Hotsos Symposia, UKOUG, local Oracle user groups, and other conferences and newsgroups dedicated to Oracle performance topics.

Presentation Title

Time Series Analysis Techniques for Statspack and AWR


The presentation will show the application of techniques and algorithms from Time Series Analysis to Statspack data - and by extension to AWR data if the diagnostic pack is licensed.

Time Series Analysis has developed powerful techniques and algorithms to examine data collected at fixed time intervals to detect trends. Since some of the Statspack or AWR perfectly fit the definition of a time series it seems fitting to explore the use of time series techniques in their analysis.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only.


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