Hotsos Symposium Keynote Speaker

Kerry OsborneHotsos is proud to announce that Kerry Osborne will be the keynote speaker for Hotsos Symposium 2011.


Kerry Osborne began working with Oracle (version 2) in 1982. He has worked as both a developer and a DBA. For the past several years, he has been focused on understanding Oracle internals and solving performance problems. He is an OakTable member and is the author of an upcoming Apress book on Exadata. Kerry is a frequent speaker at Oracle conferences.

Mr. Osborne is also a co-founder of Enkitec, an Oracle-focused consulting company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He blogs at


Back to the Future: Mainframes, Open Systems, and the New Role of Exadata

It seems like we've come full circle. Popular opinion has swung from Mainframes to open "Best of Breed" systems, and now it is starting to swing back towards Integrated Systems again. Back when Oracle was founded, IBM ruled the large database market. They had the hardware, the O/S, the storage, and the software. If something went wrong there was only one vendor to blame. However, in the 80's that approach changed significantly in large part due to the PC revolution. For a couple of decades now, IT managers have been rolling their own systems.

It appears that the tide has started to turn again, and the Oracle/Sun Exadata platform is part of that wave. There are many reasons why this change is taking place, and Kerry will be talking about why it is happening along with the changes he expects to see over the next few years. And...if you're in the storage business, hold on to your hat. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Presentation Materials

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The speakers will be announced on November 5th, 2010.