Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Bob Sneed

Bob is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Bob SneedBob Sneed is Principal and Owner of EPiC Performance Associates and consults in the area of computer systems performance and capacity. Bob has been a frequent presenter at the Hotsos Symposia. As a 13-year veteran of Sun Microsystems, Inc, Bob has a wide and deep base of knowledge drawn from his years on the front lines of resolving performance issues for Sun's customers. Bob brings some unconventional perspectives to the field of performance and capacity, as well as a wealth of experience in the organizational dynamics and politics of performance management in IT organizations of all sizes.

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The relative virtue of "quantity versus quality" is often debated in many contexts, but not often enough in the field of computing. This talk intends to remedy that! Notwithstanding Joseph Stalin's point that "Quantity has a quality all its own" (which could be the mantra of cloud computing), one can demonstrate that improving the quality of CPU service can sometimes greatly decrease the need for CPU quantity - potentially cascading benefits of reduced needs for power, space, and cooling, as well as delivering an improved end-user Quality of Service (QoS). At least in the Solaris environment, numerous qualitative aspects of CPU usage can gainfully be measured and controlled. In this talk, we will survey numerous qualitative dimensions of CPU usage, including how to observe them and influence them, with a handful of case studies thrown in as motivational fodder. Although some CPU measurements and controls are extremely obscure and geeky, many are not - so this material will include something for attendees of all skill levels and job descriptions. The potential benefits of understanding these topics can be enormous, and the first step to enlightenment in this area is the sort of awareness we hope you'll take away from this session!

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