Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Richard McDougall

Richard McDougall is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Richard McDougallRichard McDougall is a Principal Engineer in the Office of the CTO at VMware, where he focuses on scalability, observability, and performance of virtualization systems. One of his particular projects is characterizing the performance of Oracle Database on VMware Infrastructure.

Richard is the co-author of "Solaris Internals", "Solaris Performance and Tools" (, and the lead author for "Resource Management" (Prentice Hall/Sun Blueprints). He has written numerous articles and papers on measurement, monitoring, and capacity planning of Solaris systems, and frequently speaks at industry and customer technical conferences on the topics of system performance and resource management.

Richard and his performance team have published and blogged on several Oracle performance topics on VMware and For further information on virtualizing Oracle, please visit

Presentation Title

Performance and Sizing of Oracle on VMware


Attendees will learn about one of the best kept industry secrets: just how well Oracle Database performs on VMware ESX. Good performance didn't happen by accident; a number of features and performance optimizations in the VMware ESX server architecture were designed specifically to make it a powerful platform for databases. Since Oracle Database is one of the most commonly virtualized applications, VMware invests a great deal of work towards optimizing its performance for customers running VMware ESX.

In addition to discussing performance optimization, we will cover the configuration, tuning, and monitoring of the database and storage. The talk will also include explanations of performance differences in a virtual environment, scalability examples, configurations, optimizations, and techniques for performance monitoring.

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