Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Stephan Haisley

Stephan Haisley is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Stephan HaisleyStephan Haisley originally joined the UK Oracle Worldwide Support group in 1996 and has since worked in various technical support groups within Oracle. Currently he is a member of the Center Of Expertise, which is a small group within Oracle's Support Services that specialize in complex problem resolution and internals of the database kernel. When not teaching database internals classes or fixing customer issues, Stephan spends much of his time trying to figure out why Oracle works the way it does and then documenting it in a more readable manner.

Stephan has spoken at many Oracle conferences including RMOUG, UKOUG, IOUG-A and UTOUG, including previous Hotsos Symposia.

Stephan has been a speaker at the New England Oracle Users Group (NOUG) and previous Hotsos Symposia.

Presentation Title

Oracle Enterprise Replication


Oracle has added to its arsenal of Data Replication and Data Integration products by acquiring GoldenGate. Oracle GoldenGate provides the ability to replicate data to and from a number of different database vendors (not just Oracle) offering true heterogeneous data replication and data integration services.

This presentation describes the architecture differences in Streams, XStream and Oracle GoldenGate. For both XStream and Oracle GoldenGate some approaches for gaining optimal performance is provided. Finally, the strategic direction of Oracle Enterprise Replication is explained.

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