Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Marco Gralike

Marco Gralike is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Marco GralikeMarco Gralike, working for AMIS Services BV as a Principal Oracle Database Consultant in the Netherlands, has experience as a DBA since 1994 (Oracle 6). Marco is also eager and skillful in other fields, like Operating System Administration and Application Servers, mainly in finding working, performing solutions.

Marco has been specializing in Oracle XMLDB, since 2003, focusing on his old love, database administration and performance. He is an Oracle XMLDB enthusiast. He is also a dedicated contributor of the Oracle User Group community, helping people with their steep XMLDB learning curve. To this purpose, Marco also devoted his personal blog site to XMLDB and other Oracle issues. Marco has presented several times in Holland, UKOUG (2007, 2008) and Oracle Open World (2008, 2009). He has been awarded the Oracle ACE title for his work in the Oracle XMLDB area (2007) and has been since 2009 a member of the OakTable network.

Marco is an Oracle Ace.

Presentation Title

The Ultimate Performance Challenge: How to Make XML Perform.?!


XML has or will invade your database, due to business needs, e.g. XBRL, driven by desire for SOA architectures or progressive minded developers. Oracle has adapted and implemented functionality to support this need via Oracle XMLDB. A new performance challenge has been born.

Probably without realizing it, we have all the tools at hand, in our heads and via the more traditional way of approaching this challenge, to make XML actually work in our database.

This presentation will show and demonstrate, in detail, how you can use your relational knowledge to master and make this XML beast perform the way you want it. The cool thing about it; XML knowledge is not required. Isn't it data after all? Chris Date mentioned during his Hotsos Symposium 2009 keynote address: "The foundation is there so why not use it?"

Presentation Materials

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