Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Kevin Closson

Kevin Closson is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Kevin ClossonKevin is a Performance Architect in Oracle Corporation's Server Technology Group focused on Oracle Exadata Storage Server. His 20-year career has included Engineering, Competitive Benchmarking, Support, and Application Development on Oracle SMP and Clustered platforms. His work prior to Oracle at HP/PolyServe, Veritas, IBM/Sequent, and Altos was focused on scalability and availability of the Oracle server. His Oracle port-level work at Sequent led to his U.S. patents in SMP/NUMA locking and database caching methods. Kevin speaks frequently at Oracle conferences and is a member of The OakTable Network. In addition to book collaborations, his written works have appeared in Oracle Magazine, Oracle Internals Magazine, IBM Redbooks, and SELECT. Kevin maintains a very popular Oracle-related blog at

Kevin is also an Oracle Employee Ace.

Presentation Title

Ten Years After Y2K And We Still "Party Like It's 1999"


Whether you call it "the two-thousands", the "Ohs", "The Naughties" or "The Aughts", the first decade of this millennium is over, and it ushered in a significant amount of new technology related to Oracle. Don't be alarmed, this is not one of those worthless technical chronology presentations. After all, is there anyone who isn't aware that the decade started with the introduction of Real Application Clusters — and thus the demise of the large, central server — and finished with Oracle acquiring Sun Microsystems? This presentation has nothing to do with any of that! In spite of how much technology has changed, we really do still seem to be stuck in the 1990s. The following is sample of some of the topics I'll be diving into — deeply.

  • We still think a CPU is a CPU.
  • We still think memory is memory.
  • We still think bulk data loading is a disk-intensive operation.
  • We still think direct-attached storage is for "small" systems.
  • We still think "commodity server" means small.
  • We still think database==structured and file system==unstructured.
  • We still think NUMA is niche technology.
  • We still think NFS is a file serving protocol.

And, of course, I'll be talking a bit about Oracle Exadata Storage Server and the Oracle Database Machine.

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