Hotsos Symposium Speakers and Topics 2010

Symposium 2009 Speaker: Dan NorrisHotsos thanks those who submitted abstracts for consideration as speakers for Symposium 2010.


Topics for this year will again range from deeply technical to motivational, in subjects including application and business instrumentation, Oracle database internals, SQL optimization, capacity planning, the arts of technical communication, application and system architecture design, and much more.

We are pleased to announce that the list of speakers for Symposium 2010 is as follows:

Speaker Name Topic
Alex GorbachevBattle Against Any Guess
Alex GorbachevRun-Time Load Balancing in Oracle RAC
Alex HaralampievWhen a Good Design Goes Bad
Andrew Zitelli
Bryn Llewellyn
Cary MillsapLessons Learned, Version 2010.03
Christian AntogniniDiagnosing Parallel Executions Performance
Dan NorrisConsolidation Strategies for Oracle Database Machine
Dave AbercrombieEnd-to-End Metrics for Troubleshooting and Monitoring
Doug Burns
Bob Sneed
Kerry OsborneControlling Execution Plans (without Touching the Code)
Kerry OsborneMy Favorite Scripts — 2010
Kevin Closson
Kevin Williams
Kyle HaileyModern Approaches to SQL Tuning
Marco Gralike
Mark BobakA Closer Look at Parsing: Possible Application Optimizations
Ric Van DykeLet's Get Consistent
Richard FooteOracle Indexing Myths
Richard FooteOracle Indexing Tricks and Traps
Richard McDougallPerformance and Sizing of Oracle on VMware
Riyaj ShamsudeenA Close Encounter with Real World (and Odd) Performance Issues
Riyaj ShamsudeenWhy Does Optimizer Hate My SQL?
Stephan HaisleyOracle Enterprise Replication
Tanel Põder
Tanel Põder
Tom Kyte
Tom Kyte
Deploying Database Changes: Performance Matters
Wolfgang BreitlingAnatomy of a SQL Tuning Session
Wolfgang BreitlingSeeding Statistics

Biographies of Speakers

The biographies will be posted shortly after the announcement.


The abstracts will be posted shortly after the announcement.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials will be available online for registration attendees to download prior to the event...if the speakers submit them on-time.

Presentation materials are available to attendees only.


The speaker schedule is as follows: