Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Andrew Zitelli

Mr. Zitelli is a prior Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Andy ZitelliAndrew Zitelli has over thirty years of experience as a software developer, data architect and performance analyst. He has been a consultant to aerospace, semiconductor, steel, and pharmaceutical industries. He is proficient working with a broad range of operating systems and languages plus he has over twenty-five years of experience working with ten different relational database products, including sixteen years working with Oracle.

Mr. Zitelli possesses both a BA and an MS degree in Computer Science. Mr. Zitelli has presented twice before at the Hotsos Symposium, taught college level courses and made technical presentations at conferences on a wide range of software-related topics.

Presentation Title

Using Oracle's Extended SQL Trace Data to Quell Disputes


This presentation will discuss the use of Oracle's extended SQL trace data to help win arguments and avoid embarrassment. In the face of software problems, Oracle's extended SQL trace data can often provide the proof needed to defend your innocence, or to help fix problems of your own creation, before anyone notices.

For DBAs and developers alike, Oracle's extended SQL trace data can reveal many details regarding the behavior of software both inside and outside of a database. This behavior can be far different than developers planned or believe. We will discuss several ways that extended SQL trace data can be used to help better understand your software's behavior and its interactions with Oracle. We will look at a wide variety of details contained in extended SQL trace data, and will discuss the merging and analysis of simultaneously collected 10046 trace files, such as those associated with connection pools or multi-threaded applications.

Presentation Materials

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