Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Mark Williams

Mr. Williams is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Mark WilliamsMark has been a DBA, a developer, and worked in the support Organization at Oracle. He has over 15 years of experience with the Oracle product suite and has presented at local users groups as well as the Hotsos Symposium 2007 event. He is the author of the ODP.NET column in Oracle Magazine and several published articles on OTN.

Presentation Title

Instrumented Code is Better Code


Modern corporate systems are complex and generally involve multiple technologies, operating systems, hardware platforms, etc. Many vendors of the components which make up today's systems are including pervasive code instrumentation in the products they ship. Code instrumentation makes it easier to identify exactly where a performance issue lies. For example, think of the Extended SQL Trace capabilities in Oracle Database. Yet this practice of code instrumentation is often ignored in a corporate environment. "Too much overhead and code-bloat!" is an oft-heard justification. However, is it really overhead? Is it really code bloat? Is it really necessary? In this presentation, Mark will explore the benefits of code instrumentation in corporate applications. While the concepts are generic in that they can be applied to any language, the options explored and the implementation will be specific to the .NET environment and the C# language.

Presentation Materials

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