Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Kyle Towle

Mr. Towle is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Kyle TowleMr. Towle is a Principal Database Engineer for Paypal Infrastructure and Engineering group. He possesses an expert level understanding of performance and scalability challenges and solutions. Kyle has created a method which has been able to reliably predict scalability bottlenecks well in advance of business impact that is used at the rapidly growing Paypal payments business. Mr. Towle has presented Oracle topics within eBay Inc.

Presentation Title

Predicting Oracle Performance


Performance tuning has evolved considerably over the years. Method R has been used extensively and reliably to pinpoint root causes to performance type problems and to be able to determine the right solutions. The next step in the evolution is being able to predict performance problems before they cause business impact. This presentation will describe a method used to predict real world scalability problems months in advance to becoming business impacting performance problems using response time data and a 5 step process.

The life cycle of a scalability bottleneck will be dissected and shown via a lab experiment and using real statspack data from a critical Paypal database system. The ability to predict rather than just react to a performance problem is a large step towards keeping high uptime SLA's. The methodology to be presented should go a long way towards getting in front of scalability problems before they become serious business challenges. The key is understanding and changing the way we think about scalability bottlenecks and being aware of the life cycle of a scalability bottleneck. They are predictable and thus preventable.

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