Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Dan Tow

Mr. Tow is a prior Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Dan TowDan Tow has 19 years of experience fully focused on performance and tuning, beginning at Oracle Corporation from 1989 to 1998, followed by TenFold Corporation, from 1998 to late 2002, followed by success as an independent consultant under his SingingSQL banner. He headed the performance and tuning group for all of Oracle applications, where he cut his teeth on a rich, complex set of over 35,000 real-world applications queries. In the process, he invented a systematic, patented (USPatent #5761654) method to tune any query efficiently, which he has taught (or at least introduced) directly to over 1600 people, and this method is extended and elaborated for in a course he teaches and in his book, SQL Tuning, published by O.Reilly. He built a set of scripts to systematically, scientifically identify and prioritize performance problems, especially problems in the database and the SQL. At TenFold, as the Director of Performance and Tuning, he built much of his expertise into TenFold's application platform, EnterpriseTenFold and extended his expertise to solving database-wide and SQL-tuning problems in Sybase, DB2, and Microsoft SQLServer. He has also resolved complex performance problems in every major layer of the software, in the hardware, the operating system, and the network.

Dan lives in the United States, in Palo Alto, California, and is reachable at You can view his website at, where you can also find his complete resume.

Presentation Title

Safe Use of Views? — Just Say "No"?


On the surface, views are a popular and appealing means of simplifying code, hiding distracting complexity from the developer, and enabling code reuse and consistency. In Mr. Tow's experience, though, they are at the root of a surprisingly large fraction of the hardest and most time-consuming tuning and functionality problems, and it is surprisingly rare that complex views are defined and used correctly. Dan explains a set of rules of thumb to avoid several specific pitfalls of view use, and to use views, if at all, correctly and efficiently.

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