Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Robyn Sands

Ms. Sands is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Robyn is a System Design Architect for a software engineering team at Cisco. In a previous incarnation, she was an Industrial/Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin and supported the P-7, F-22 and C-130J programs.

Robyn has been working with Oracle since 1995, beginning by developing tools for scheduling, data analysis and composite fabrication capacity modeling, and later progressing to the implementation and administration of large ERP systems. Current projects involve designing and supporting data management solutions for products used by Cisco customers. Robyn is also a member of the OakTable network.

Presentation Title

Variance as a Tool: Measuring for Robust Performance


What is variance and why is it important to an Oracle DBA? Statistically, variance is the square of the standard deviation. Conceptually, variance is the 'difference between what is expected and what actually occurs'. For the DBA, variance causes a user to complain that a report was running 'fast', but now it's 'too slow'. In production systems, variance can be a tool to locate problems and verify resolution. When used in the design phase, identifying and reducing variance results in a robust, optimized product more capable of meeting user demands.

This session presents basic statistical concepts of variance and related statistical measures. The audience will learn about options to capture and analyze performance data, using existing data sources and application instrumentation, as well as the role of StatsPack and ASH data in a robust system.

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