Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Kerry Osborne

Mr. Osborne is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Kerry OsborneKerry Osborne began working with Oracle in 1982. His first job was to upgrade v2 to v3. The early part of his career was primarily spent as a developer using OCI Fortran, Pro-FORTRAN, PRO-C, PRO-COBOL, Oracle Forms, etc. Over time, he became more interested in the system side of things and spent the later part of his career calling himself a DBA. He currently works for Enkitec, a Dallas-based, Oracle-focused consulting company, which he co-founded in 2004. Keep up with Kerry at his blog,

Presentation Title

Oracle Performance for Developers (and the DBAs Who Have to Work with Them)


IT shops are commonly divided into two main groups: Production Support and Development. The Developers rarely are allowed to touch the production systems and the DBAs often don't have much visibility into what the Developers are trying to accomplish. This can make it quite difficult to build systems that perform well and almost impossible to quickly resolve performance issues in the production environment. DBAs often are left to tweak the database engine in an effort to improve performance without altering the code. Conversely, the developers, in many instances, can't see what's happening on the production systems and can't be certain that the results they see in their development environment will bear any relation to the results they will see when their code is moved into production.

This presentation will focus on challenges facing developers of Oracle-based systems, particularly with regard to performance and scalability.

Some of the challenges are technical in nature:

  • Poor understanding of the tools which provide visibility into the optimizer

  • Instrumentation (or lack thereof)

  • Perils of polling (especially when ramping up to 100.s or 1000.s of users)

  • Lack of understanding/usage of array processing

  • Lack of understanding of scalability issues in general

  • Erratic performance due to plan instability

Some are organizational in nature:

  • Perils of throwing the code over the fence for the DBAs to tune

  • Mismatch in development environment Vs. production environment

  • Lack of an effective testing strategy

  • Lack of developer access to appropriate resources (i.e. Production)

The presentation will also discuss the interaction between developers and DBAs with an eye towards bridging the gap between these two traditionally separated groups.

Whether you are a Developer or a DBA, understanding the challenges faced by the creators of the systems you work on will make you better at your job.

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