Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Monty Orme

Mr. Orme is a returning Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Monty OrmeMr. Orme has over 17 years of experience with relational database management, including 11 years working for Oracle Corporation. During his tenure with Oracle, he was an instructor and course developer for Oracle University, support analyst for Global Information Technology and Technical Manager for Oracle Consulting Services. Monty's current gig is Hotsos Education.

Presentation Title

Give 'Em What They Need!


Many developers face a serious dilemma. They are told they need to "make their code perform better", but then they aren't given access to the information that would make it possible. But, over and over again, developers are prohibited from accessing v$ views, trace data files and virtually every piece of valuable information they need to do the job they've been asked to do. They are forced to guess, and it is that guessing that causes so many of the performance firefights in production that consultants are often called in to help solve.

Why are developers not given access in their test environments to everything they need? What are DBAs and managers afraid will happen? What concern causes necessary information to be withheld from developers? And, most importantly, why are they even bothering to ask developers to improve their code when they deny them access to what they need to do it?

This presentation reviews the key elements of information that every developer needs to have at their disposal to be an effective performance analyst. The intention is to help provide developers with a checklist of what to ask their DBAs and managers for and also to help convince those people of the necessity of providing this data to their developers.

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