Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Margaret Norman

Ms. Norman is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Margaret NormanMargaret Norman is the Lead Finance Database Administrator at Duke Energy, a large electric power company that supplies and delivers electricity to approximately 4 million U.S. customers in its regulated jurisdictions. For more than 20 years, Margaret has been working in the information technology industry as a technical trainer, security auditor, systems administrator, systems analyst, application designer and developer, data architect and database administrator. In 1996, Margaret began working primarily with Oracle and in the last 12 years, has developed, implemented and maintained transactional processing systems for large numbers of concurrent users, operational data stores, data warehouses and mixed use databases. Recently, her focus has been on database and application performance tuning, scalability, security for credit card and personal identifiable information, and meeting PCI and SOX requirements.

Margaret's public speaking experience has included multiple Toastmaster presentations for audiences of 50-250, six months as a contract instructor for Oracle University teaching 10g DBA courses, and dozens of technical training sessions and presentations to DBAs, developers, and end-users — both in-house and at various user groups.

Presentation Title

Control Your Environment with the Resource Manager


Few DBAs realize the Oracle database provides a powerful tool to balance database resource consumption among various groups of database users. The resource manager can be used:

  • to prioritize interactive application users over adhoc reporting users;

  • allow some users to execute queries with a higher degree of parallelism;

  • move long running queries to a reduced priority;

  • queue up query requests while limiting the number actively running;

  • systematically cancel queries that are consuming too many resources;

  • prevent some users from running queries during a given timeframe; or

  • balance database resource consumption between applications.

Database consolidation is contributing to production environments where a single database serves multiple applications and/or groups of users. Balancing the needs of the various groups so that no single application or user group can consume all the available resources becomes very important in these shared environments; the resource manager is one tool DBAs can use to meet this need.

This presentation will include resource manager instruction as well as demonstrations of the initial setup, plan changes, and actual performance of as many of the scenarios listed above as presentation time allows using the 11g database control, SQL*Plus and a text editor.

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