Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Joe Johnson

Mr. Johnson is a new Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson has over 15 years of Oracle DBA experience in a variety of industries, and has authored or co-authored four books and numerous articles on Oracle database administration topics. Joe is also a past recipient of the Oracle Approved Education Center Instructor of the Year award and has presented several seminars on performance-related topics at regional user group meetings in Wisconsin and Michigan.

Presentation Title

Using Hotsos Tuning Techniques to Find and Fix Performance Issues: Six Real World Examples


This session shows how the Hotsos response time based tuning methodology and Hotsos Test Harness tools were used to identify and resolve six real-world performance problems. In each case study, the attendee will be presented with a summary of the problem, the Hotsos tools used to gather and analyze the source of the performance issue, and the final problem resolution. Each example includes specific, measurable examples including raw and formatted 10046 trace information and output from the Hotsos Test Harness tools. This session is designed to get the participants involved in the analysis of the problem, and review of the evidence, before the resolutions are presented. Specifically, to show how these techniques can be used to cut down on "guessing" and instead work toward real solutions to the actual problem.

Presentation Materials

Presentation materials are available online to attendees only. Mr. Johnson's presentation may be found on the Hotsos portal. Attendees may use their portal id to log in to view/download the materials.


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