Hotsos Symposium Speaker – Christian Antognini

Mr. Antognini is a prior Hotsos Symposium presenter.


Christian AntogniniSince 1995, Christian Antognini has focused on understanding how the Oracle database engine works. His main interests include logical and physical database design, the integration of databases with Java applications, the query optimizer and basically everything else related to application performance management and optimization. He is currently working as a principal consultant and trainer at Trivadis AG ( in Zürich, Switzerland.

If Christian is not helping one of his customers get the most out of Oracle, he is somewhere lecturing on application performance management or new Oracle database features for developers. In addition to classes and seminars organized by Trivadis, he regularly presents at conferences and user group meetings. He is a proud member of the Trivadis Performance Team and of the OakTable Network.

Christian is the author of the book Troubleshooting Oracle Performance (Apress, 2008).

Presentation Title

Bloom Filters


A bloom filter is a data structure used to support membership queries. Simply put, a bloom filter is used to test whether an element is a member of a given set or not. Since Oracle Database 10g Release 2, bloom filters are used in various situations. Unfortunately, no information about their usage is available in Oracle documentation.

The aim of this presentation is to explain not only what bloom filters are, but also, and foremost, to describe how the database engine makes use of them. Specifically, it explains how the database engine uses bloom filters to reduce data communication between slave processes in parallel joins and to implement join-filter pruning.

Presentation Materials

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