Hotsos Symposium Speakers and Topics 2009

Symposium 2008 Speaker:  James MorleHotsos thanks those who submitted an abstract for consideration as a speaker for Symposium 2009. We had the largest set of submissions to date, and as a result, it was really difficult to choose from so many excellent abstracts. See below to review the list of speakers and topics selected.


Topics for this year will again range from deeply technical to motivational, in subjects including application and business instrumentation, Oracle database internals, SQL optimization, capacity planning, the arts of technical communication, application and system architecture design, and much more.

We are pleased to announce that the list of speakers for Symposium 2009 is as follows:

Speaker Name Topic
Amit PoddarOne-Pass Distinct Sampling
Andrew ZitelliUsing Oracle's Extended SQL Trace Data to Quell Disputes
Bryn LlewellynUsing the PL/SQL Hierarchical Performance Profiler
Cary Millsap

Cary Millsap

Chen Shapira

Chris Date
Christian AntogniniBloom Filters
Dan Norris

Dan TowSafe Use of Views? Just Say "No"?
Dave AbercrombieA Tour of the AWR Tables
Gerwin Hendriksen
Henry Poras
Joe Johnson
Jonathan LewisHints on Hints, Part 1
Jonathan LewisHints on Hints, Part 2
Wolfgang BreitlingTuning by Cardinality Feedback
Karen Morton

Kerry Osborne
Kyle TowlePredicting Oracle Performance
Margaret NormanControl Your Environment with the Resource Manager
Mark Williams
Ric Van DykeIntelligent Cursor Sharing
Robyn SandsVariance as a Tool: Measuring for Robust Performance
Stephan HaisleyStreams Optimization & Diagnostics
Tanel PõderUnderstanding Oracle SQL Plan Execution: How It Really Works
Tanel Põder
Tanel PõderLatch, Lock and Mutex Contention Troubleshooting in Oracle
Toon KoppelaarsThe Helsinki Declaration, Part 1
Toon KoppelaarsThe Helsinki Declaration, Part 2
Monty OrmeGive 'Em What They Need!

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