Hotsos Symposium 2008 Speakers and Abstracts

Symposium 2007 Speaker:  Toon Koppelaars Hotsos thanks each of you who submitted an abstract for consideration as a speaker for Hotsos Symposium 2008. We had the largest set of submissions to date, and as a result, it was really difficult to choose from so many excellent abstracts. See below to review the list of speakers and topics selected.


This year's presenters include Cary Millsap, Toon Koppelaars, Tanel Põder, Jarod Jenson, Stephan Haisley, Jared Still and many others. Topics range from deeply technical to motivational, in subjects including application and business instrumentation, Oracle database internals, SQL optimization, capacity planning, the arts of technical communication, application and system architecture design, and much more.

The list of speakers for Symposium 2008 is as follows:

Speaker Name/Bio Topic/Abstract
Alex Gorbachev Workload Management with Oracle RAC
Andrew Zitelli
Leveraging Oracle's Extended SQL Trace Data
to Expedite Software Development
Anjo Kolk
What Should DBAs and Developers Do to
Really Utilize All This New and Fast Hardware?
Bert Scalzo RAC Be Nimble, RAC Be Quick
Bob Sneed Regarding Capacity
Cary Millsap
#1 Why You Can't See Your Real Performance Problems
#2 Measure Once, Cut Twice (No, Really)
Christian Antognini Query Optimizer 11g: What's New?
Dan Tow
Natural Data Clustering: Why
Nested Loops Win So Often
Dominic Delmolino Release Management for Database Applications
Gerwin Hendriksen
How System Metrics Can Help You Find
Performance Bottlenecks for Business
Processes in Complex Architectures
Henry Poras
Queueing Theory Analysis of Statspack
Reports Obtained from Database Load Tests
James Morle Skew & Latency: The Silent Killers
Jared Still Making RMAN Perform
Jarod Jenson
Dealing with Software Agoraphobia:
The World Outside Oracle's Walls
Jerry Brenner
Joze Senegacnik Partition Pruning
Kyle Hailey
Average Active Sessions: A Simple Solution
to Complex Performance Data
Martin Hoermann
SQL Performance on RAC:
Pirates of the Interconnect
Michael Erwin
#1 RAC Performance Taxes
#2 So As I Was Saying about RAC & MTU
Monty Orme
Performance Benefits of the 11g SQL
Result Cache and PL/SQL Function Result Cache
Neil Gunther
Better Performance Management
Riyaj Shamsudeen
Cost-Based Subquery Transformation:
Concepts and Analysis Using 10053 Trace
Robyn Sands
An Industrial Engineer's Approach
to Oracle Management and Performance
Stephan Haisley Further RMAN Optimizations in 11g
Tanel Põder
#1 Oracle Performance Trending & Charting
Using Sesspack and Excel
#2 Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting: No
Magic is Needed, Systematic Approach Will Do
Tapio Lahdenmäki
#1 Rethink Your Indexes, Part I
#2 Rethink Your Indexes, Part II
Toon Koppelaars Semantic Query Optimization
Wolfgang Breitling Active Statistics


Descriptions of the sessions for which abstracts existed are posted above. Please click on either the speaker name or presentation title to view the abstract.

Presentation Materials

Each Hotsos Symposium attendee will receive a complimentary bound copy of the presentation materials onsite at time of registration check-in. Presentation materials submitted before the deadline will also be available online for registration attendees to download prior to the event.

Presentations, additions or revisions submitted by presenters after the deadline will only be available online either as a zip file of all materials or individually by clicking on an abstract title in the speakers list. Please note that there will be no bound addendums or revisions printed and distributed at the Symposium.

Presentation materials are available to attendees only.


The speaker schedule can be found at the following links: