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How's Your System?

How's your system? These days it can be difficult to know. ...Especially if you're measuring performance the way that your books, your software tools, your consultants—even your classroom instructors—are telling you to do it.

Hotsos can help you. Most places we go, we can find ways to eliminate 50% or more of the total work that's taking place on an Oracle system, with no loss of function to the business. Getting rid of that extra waste is like instantly owning twice as much server capacity, with absolutely no increase in spending for hardware or software.

In an engagement, Hotsos can help you learn how to optimize your system's performance. ...Especially if it's a system that experts have already tuned.

Benefits to You

The Hotsos performance assessment delivers benefits to you like the following:

In a nutshell, the Hotsos performance assessment gives your business the power of informed decision-making about Oracle system performance.

How We Do It

Optimizing Oracle Performance, by Cary Millsap with Jeff HoltMany of our customers are surprised at first by our approach. We do not, for example, begin our work with a comprehensive review of your V$PARAMETER queries and your various Statspack reports. That's where we think you've gone wrong before.

We begin with step one from the approach we call Method R in the book we wrote about optimizing Oracle performance. We begin by identifying the most important pieces of workload that your business needs fixed first. It's an amazingly commonsense approach once you've seen it done. The most striking thing about the method is how it guarantees performance impact that the business will truly notice.

We can do a lot in just a little time because we use our own Hotsos Profiler to make short work out of the performance diagnostic process. Once we have acquired the right performance diagnostic data, we can often complete the analysis of a business process in less than an hour. How many slow user actions we can fix is usually a function of how quickly we can help you gather the right data.

Where to Go from Here

Write us at or phone +1.888.8HOTSOS, and we can schedule a meeting that could save you a lot of time and money.