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Hotsos Is on Your Team

Hotsos Consulting is a full-service organization available to offer our customers any level of Oracle Database support that you may require.

Hotsos staff, which includes multiple Oracle Aces, have decades of Oracle experience. By engaging in a partnership with Hotsos you get access to subject matter experts for a fraction of the cost of staffing such personnel.

When you feel that you will benefit from some hands on, side-by-side assistance, Hotsos Consulting staff is available on a fee basis to supplement your team in the following ways:

  • Crosstrain your internal staff on our methods and techniques
  • Complete tuning projects allowing your staff to perform the work you need them to complete
  • Partner with your staff to complete projects before upcoming deadlines
  • Assist with tuning critical business processes to keep your most important customers happy

You don't have a DBA team? No problem. Hotsos Consulting can offer any level of assistance from full-time to on-demand to handle all aspects of Oracle Database performance.

Oracle Performance Support Onsite or Remote

It is not always the case that a customer wishes to become self-supporting. There are many times you would like to benefit from the use of the Oracle Database, but are not in a position to maintain the necessary technical staff. For these customers, Hotsos can offer both onsite and remote database support. When a Database Support Agreement is in place, Hotsos Consulting analysts perform the necessary tasks for maintaining and monitoring the Oracle Database performance thus eliminating the need for a customer to assign and train staff.

Some examples of the work to be done include:

  • Tune critical business processes
  • Tune batch processing
  • Tune for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Perform generic health checks
  • Prepare for Database or Application upgrades
  • Tune database following software or hardware upgrades
  • Tune Transaction processing or Reporting databases

Don't wait!

Don't Wait until the Last Minute!

Often a customer wishes to engage Hotsos for various Oracle Database Performance tasks when there is not presently a clear definition of the tasks, but that it is clear that the services of Hotsos will be required. If a customer finds this to be the case, they can enter into a prepaid/retainer agreement with Hotsos. This arrangement ensures that a mutually agreed to amount of Hotsos service hours will be available to the client over a number of months. Getting the right resource at the right time focused your Oracle Performance problem can be time critical, and Hotsos can help you reduce this risk.

On an ongoing basis you can benefit from Hotsos' knowledge gains from previous tuning efforts to better personalize the future tuning:

  • Save money by avoiding upgrading hardware to resolve on-going performance issues
  • Keep your customers happy before they start calling
  • Control your budget by allocating fixed time to maintain good performance

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