Hotsos Consulting Services

Hotsos Is on Your Team

Hotsos Consulting is a full-service organization available to offer our customers any level of Oracle Database support that you may require.

When you feel that you will benefit from some hands on, side-by-side assistance, Hotsos Consulting staff is available on a fee basis to supplement your team. We will make it a point to get your DBA team up to speed with our methods and techniques as we help solve your performance issues. You don't have a DBA team? No problem. Hotsos Consulting can offer any level of assistance from full-time to on-demand to handle all aspects of Oracle Database performance.

Oracle Performance Support Onsite or Remote

It is not always the case that a customer wishes to become self-supporting. There are many times you would like to benefit from the use of the Oracle Database, but are not in a position to maintain the necessary technical staff. For these customers, Hotsos can offer both onsite and remote database support. When a Database Support Agreement is in place, Hotsos Consulting analysts perform the necessary tasks for maintaining and monitoring the Oracle Database performance thus eliminating the need for a customer to assign and train staff.

Don't Wait until the Last Minute!

Often a customer wishes to engage Hotsos for various Oracle Database Performance tasks when there is not presently a clear definition of the tasks, but that it is clear that the services of Hotsos will be required. If a customer finds this to be the case, they can enter into a prepaid/retainer agreement with Hotsos. This arrangement ensures that a mutually agreed to amount of Hotsos service hours will be available to the client over a number of months. Getting the right resource at the right time focused your Oracle Performance problem can be time critical, and Hotsos can help you reduce this risk.

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