Performance Management for the Oracle® E-Business Suite

Our approach to performance management is to be as proactive as possible. That philosophy, combined with our experience with the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), was the genesis for our HAWCS software.

The HAWCS "factory model" provides a clear picture of your EBS workload:

What workers (users and batch jobs) are doing
What, when, and how many work products (GL postings, PO approvals, etc.) were created (and in what queue or node)
And at what cost?

HAWCS illuminates demand trends by week or month, by business functional group or in total. See your highest cost activities as well as any work that should be eliminated. Even better, it is all in a structure easily understood by your functional users and management providing easy communication on issues or actionable items.

We also understand that it's hard to consistently do the proactive assessments necessary to stay out of performance trouble. That's why we created the HAWCS Managed Services. Let our performance experts provide an objective set of eyes on your E-Business system. Our monthly, proactive performance reviews — using the HAWCS data — will become an extension of your own team's efforts!


Relevant Links:

  • HAWCS: Our Oracle E-Business Suite workload management tool. HAWCS provides an intuitive dashboard showing what work is being done and cost information required to proactively ensure great performance.

  • Managed Services: Monthly proactive performance reports created by our consulting team based on periodic HAWCS data exports. We provide a written report as well as host an on-line review and discussion with your team.

  • Consulting: World-class Oracle performance experts trained and equipped to help your business rapidly identify and repair the root cause behind your business issues.

  • Hotsos Symposium: Our annual conference DEDICATED to Oracle performance. Have your team join the world's top performance experts each Spring in Dallas.